packaging service

Service Options

You can specify the pick-up and delivery options you require for each consignment as:

  • door to door
  • port to port
  • door to port
  • port to door


Ship to Ghana can arrange for a pre-survey of unpacked goods and subsequent packing suitable for transport by air or sea freight straight to your door steps in Ghana if requested. We are not responsible for breakages if goods are over/under packed into boxes, suitcases, drums or any other container.

Customs may reopen packages for inspection and duty purposes and if boxes are over packed, it may be difficult to re pack. If we are unable to re pack all of the contents of your packages, all though we will do our best, you are at risk of losing these items, in which case we are not responsible.

If you are sending any breakable items they must be wrapped with bubble wrap, or polystyrene in a box labeled fragile. We must be notified of the contents, quantity, and values on our quotation form. By doing this your goods will be safe for transport and insured. If you choose to put breakables in a package of mixed goods we are not responsible for any breakages.

Boxes have weight limit printed on the side of the box. If you exceed the weight limit, the box may break. We are not responsible for box damages. Collection We can arrange for collection of items throughout the UK and deliver to your door steps in Ghana. However, prices may differ for consignments delivered outside of Accra. Shipping of Personal Effects

Air and ocean shipments will be sent to arrival destination airport / seaport only if the customer so wishes. Door to door shipments can be arranged by road to most destinations however, drivers will only deliver to Known addresses. Customers are advised to give alternate address/phone number in an emergency.

Only when we have established the exact number of pieces, gross weight and dimensions can we advise shipping details i.e, exact price/quotation and dates.

We are unable to handle certain commodities. Please check with us prior to packing if you are unsure of what you can and cannot export. All shipments are X-rayed prior to leaving the UK and so any forbidden commodities will be confiscated by HM Revenue & Customs. Click here for import restrictions information.